Performances to Grow On
Performances to Grow On
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Imagination Celebration
Family Entertainment to Educate and Inspire - in Ojai

The Imagination Celebration Series will offer audiences the opportunity to experience acclaimed performers in theatre, music, and movement.

Not Video games,
not TV,
something more real … more present.

Our world seems to be moving at break-neck speed with its most powerful
impact on our children. We wanted to create a series that takes audiences
to a gentler, dreamy place.

Bigger, Faster, More … not
Just enough imagination,
Just enough excitement,
More than Enough Wonder!

The Imagination Celebration Series … an island away from all the Hustle and Bustle.
Give your child the gift of live performance!

All shows are best for ages 5+. Tickets are $10 for children, $15 for Adults.

There is a $2 handling fee per ticket for all purchases on this page.


Kuniko Yamamoto in Origami TalesOrigami Tales with Kuniko Yamamoto
Saturday, March 9, 2019, 2:00pm
The Ojai Art Center

Kids (≤15) $10, Adults $15

Welcome to the infinite world of Origami! In Japanese, ori- means “to fold” and -gami means “paper”. Using origami, music and audience participation, storyteller Kuniko Yamamoto provides a magical entry into Japanese culture. In her new show “Origami Tales”, mythological character masks & puppets, amazing flowers and a dragon—all made from origami—set the stage while Kuniko shares heartfelt stories from ancient Japan.
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Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)      National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
We would like to thank
the Western States Arts Federation and
the National Endowment For the Arts
for their support of this performance.

Ojai Storytelling FestivalOjai Storytelling Festival

Please check back later for additional family oriented performances at the Ojai Storytelling Festival, October 24-27, 2019.

Performances to Grow On