Performances to Grow On
Performances to Grow On

The Arts Make Us Feel So Good

This special poem was written for Performances to Grow On
by Reina, Parker, Brooke, Winter, Jenna, and Christina
of Ms. Gail Small's 2nd grade class, Conejo Elementary School.


The Arts make us feel so good
To go to the theater- we wish everyone could
We walk in and the stage is all alone
The talent comes and the lights are shone
The music begins- we listen and hear
Before we know it, the actors appear

A beautiful show makes everyone think
But sometimes it's over in just a wink
So-- again and again. we all want to go
The arts make us learn- does everyone know?
Ms. Gail thinks arts make us creative and grow
We know that after each and every show
Mr. Bemel asks them to turn on the lights
To make everything special & to look oh so bright

We are kids and soooo lucky to go
From Performances to Grow On. We all GROW!
We lost count of the opportunities they give us
We are now creative without any fuss
How can we ever say thank you because this means so much
When we do our work now - we seem to have a magic touch!

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